Aspire Information System

Aspire enjoys exceptional status in the industry, primarily attributable from its high level of front-end configuration capability, with each implementation being custom configured to each client's unique business prerequisites. Aspire is a proven, unified, standards-driven platform, providing a solid foundation to support varying levels of customization essential to effectively articulating each client's business portfolio requirements.

Aspire's proprietary technologies are carefully considered with each client to ensure systemic capabilities are deployed in a manner which most effectively fulfills the client's trading requirements. Aspire provides complete design integration for each client, ensuring every aspect and feature of its business structure is supported and monitored.

Most importantly, because Aspire boasts a robust backbone with a highly configurable front-end delivery, it provides each client with an environment where further function and capability can be designed to better address emerging trends or changes to their business landscape.

As a real-time Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, all features of the Aspire Information System are available around the clock, 365 days a year, and can be accessed from anywhere a web connection is available.

Aspire is a mono-line as well as multi-line capable service platform, providing client scalability into complex trading environments as their business portfolios develop and grow, and can support admitted and non-admitted lines of business, as well as Alternative Risk Transfer portfolios.

At Maple Technologies our clients are our most valued assets. Our mission is simple: deliver technology solutions that are tailored to our clients' business requirements and fulfill our responsibility as an important strategic trading partner and resource provider.